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                                            Iam going to fight Goliath.───我去和歌利亚打。
Iam writing this from Northern Scandinavia.───我写这篇文章的题材来自于北斯堪的纳维亚半岛。
Iam so sorry I killed her.───我很抱歉害了她。
Therefore, each allocation unit has at least one IAM page for each file on which it has extents.───因此,每个分配单元在有区的每个文件中至少有一个IAM页。
At the dock Iam shocked to see the pocket rocket made of a neighborhood of rock.───在码头看到一块岩石做的玲珑火箭,我感到恐惧。
because iam tired tired for you tired for me we make ourselves happy regardless of how much grudging we have!───因为我累了自己,累了你,我们使自己高兴,无论多少勉强我们!
I lost goals, I feel that Iam drifting on the time current like a leaf, the life is meaningless as if it was dead water.───我失去了目标,感觉就像树叶一样漂流在时间的小溪中,生活无趣的像一潭死水。
Dutch courage because Iam now about to return to the train station and spend a few hours committing a deadly sin: queue jumping.───荷兰的勇气,因为荫现在返回到火车站,花了几个小时犯下致命的罪孽:插队。
At present Iam ready to promise that the instant that I can communicate with you without endangering my own combinations, I shall do so.───现在我愿保证,只要对于我全盘筹划没有危害,到时候,我就一定立刻告诉你们。
                                            Iam free from debt now.
As a frequent moviegoer, Iam keeping abreast of the latest development of Hollywood movies.
The Indefinite Admittance Matrix (IAM) method is One of useful methods for analyzing linear time-invariant networks.
Choosing the specific depressor of mercapto-iodoacetamide (IAM) to destroy the geotrichum candidium of protoplast.
Objective To understand minute anatomy and adjacent relationship of human internal acoustical meatus ( IAM ).
Cxu iam venis luanto por tiu cxi apartamento?
Neil McCauley: I told you Iam never going return.
Hummel:Did they bother to tell you who Iam, why I'm doing this?Or are they just using you like they do everybody else?
Now, what Pericles untruly said of women, Iam very much disposed to say of foreign affairs—their great merit would be to be never heard of.

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